i want to be her

For the next hour I’ll answer every single one of your extremely personal messages, even if you’re anon.


I doubt I’ll get any.

Ask me Please and I'll love you forever c: (anon or not)

1. Band
2. Singer
3. Movie
4. Song
5. Series
6. Tumblr
7. Person
8. Place to travel
9. TV-character
10. Model
11. Website
Have you ever:
10. Had sex
11. Self harmed
12. Kissed a stranger
13. Been drunk
14. Smoked
15. Had a crush on a teacher
16. Had a crush on someone twice your age
17. Kissed someone of the same sex
18. Kissed a celebrity
19. Wished you were on Top Model
This or that:
20. Party night or movie night
21. Tumblr or facebook
22. Sports or fashion
23. Black or white
24. Red or blue
25. Milk or water
Right now, are you:
26. Happy with your life
27. Unhappy with your life
28. Sad
29. Angry at someone
30. Bored
31. Tired
32. Happy with your body
33. Happy with your face
34. Hottest guy in the world?
35. Hottest girl in the world?
36. Favorite thing to drink?
37. Your life 10 years from now
38. When did you lose your virginity?
39. When did you drink for the first time?
40. When did you smoke for the first time?
41. Do you believe in God?
42. What country do you wanna visit?

little mix + concerts

Little Mix (Rhythmix) Judge’s House Audition

little mix before they were little mix